Hit The Trail

I’m sure you could walk the many beaches in the area for some exercise, but what if you want some different scenery. Skip the beach today and hit one of the many trails in the county

Well, let’s say you just want to take a walk only. Have you thought about walking among our native plants and animals? Over in Boca Raton is the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center and I know that most people think of it as only an animal center. You may be surprised (or not) to know that they have a “Boardwalk Trail” that runs a ¼ mile through the preserved Hardwood Hammock; basically a dense clump of hardwood trees growing a few inches above the marshland. While you stroll take in such sights as the native gumbo limbo, cabbage palms and strangler figs as well as a chance to encounter the various creatures such as grey foxes, skinks or red-bellied woodpeckers. Feel like a little climb? Well along your walk you will come upon their 40-foot observation tower that gives you views of the Intracoastal Waterway, the Atlantic Ocean and the Hardwood Hammock you just walked through. Bring a small lunch or snack and enjoy it when the trail ends at Red Reef West Park. Just a quiet relaxing stroll through the woods might be all you need to unwind. 

Perhaps you feel like using your bike to take in the local nature. A couple of bike trails of note are in Jupiter and Palm Beach. First off, let’s head up to Jupiter and visit Riverbend Park out in the western part of Jupiter. With 10 miles of trails to ride, you may want to ride them all, but since they do intersect at points you may get a little lost trying to figure this out on the trail map. Just ride the trails and enjoy the views, it’s almost impossible to get lost. Along your ride perhaps you’ll see a massive old live oak, a wandering group of wild turkeys, one of the resident peacocks or a tree-lined pond. A little history about this park is that the “Battles of the Loxahatchee” happened among these trees in 1838. Just ride and reflect!

Now on Palm Beach Island (also known as “the island”), you will encounter a different type of bike trail; it’s Lake Trail otherwise known as the Trail of Conspicuous Consumption. This is a nine-mile stretch of paved roadway for bikes, joggers and walkers that runs parallel along the Intracoastal Waterway among the famous Palm Beach mansions and the native vegetation like the Christmas palms, buttonwood and gumbo limbo trees. Such an interesting bike ride to experience the homes and the nature.

Take some time to go to Delray Beach, head over to Atlantic Dunes Park. Here you will get both the experience of a nature trail and the beach all in one. Located on Highway A1A, the park is a small sanctuary that leads to a public beach access. This area is a very serene and peaceful stroll with a quiet nature trail that accesses a view the Atlantic Ocean.

As you already know, these aren’t the only trails in the county; as a matter of fact Palm Beach County is filled with trails everywhere. From the beach trails to the wooded trails to the paved trails you can take a brisk walk, invigorating jog, ride a bike, rent a Segway or just stroll for the heck of it. Just ask your concierge or guest service person to suggest the nearest trail or wander and find one for yourself. Your experience is what you make of it. So have an amazing time strolling the trails!