Beach Time With You and Your Best Friend

With everyone social distancing these days it’s hard to find something relaxing to do. Here’s an idea, grab your dog and head out to the beach. Now check first to be sure your favorite is open at the moment. And verify that they will allow your furry friend to accompany you there. Some of the beaches in the area allow you to bring dogs, but please check before you go. Most beaches require that your dog remain on a leash no greater than 6-feet unless otherwise noted on signs. Just remember that if you do take your dog to the beach that proper “dog beach etiquette” be followed. No one likes a bad dog.

  • Have a well-behaved dog when visiting the beach. Make sure your dog will follow your verbal commands when needed.
  • If the beach requires your dog to be on a leash, do not let him off of it. And keep a tight reign on his leash at all times.
  • Do not let your dog visit other beach-goers on their towels, chairs or in the water. Keep a safe distance for now.
  • Bring water for your dog so he won’t feel the need to drink from the ocean (not good for him) and don’t let him drink from fountains or spigots intended for humans.
  • Never let your dog play with beach wildlife such as turtles, crabs and birds. Keep the beach healthy and safe for the other animals.
  • Always, always clean up after your dog when he uses the bathroom.

 Here’s wishing you and your dog a peaceful stroll along the beach!