Lions and Zebras and Rhinos…Oh My!

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Lions and Zebras and Rhinos…Oh My!

Did you know you could go visit wild animals and not have to leave the comfort and coolness of your own car? Since 12967, Lion Country Safari has been the go-to place to drive among the animals in West Palm Beach. Visitors purchase a ticket then enter the park in their own vehicle (no convertibles or soft top covers), driving slowly at their pace, and view the animals while listening to a recorded narration on audiotape or CD. Many of the animals, such as giraffes, southern white rhinoceroses, and zebras, are allowed to roam freely throughout the preserve, even crossing the road in front of vehicles. Others, such as the lions or the chimpanzees, are segregated behind fences or water barriers. A unique aspect of Lion Country Safari is the chimpanzee exhibit. The chimpanzees live on an island system where they move to a different island every day, replicating their natural nomadic lifestyle. The chimpanzees live in complex social groups, as they would in the wild. Visitors are warned to drive slowly and carefully, to avoid stopping too close to animals, and not to open car doors or windows to touch or feed them.

Lion Country Safari has seven distinctive sections devoted to the animals for your drive through safari. You will pass through such preserves as Gir Forest, Hwange National Park, Kalahari Bushveldt, Serengeti Plains, Las Pampas, Ruaha National Park, and Gorongosa Reserve. Each preserve has a special set of animals to view long your drive. For example, see an African Lion in the Gorongosa Reserve or a Brazilian Tapir in Las Pampas or an Asian Water Buffalo in the Gir Forest and all from the seat of your car.

After you have driven through the Safari Park, you can visit their 55-acxre Adventure Park, a theme park featuring exhibits, and amusement park fare such as an Animal Theater, petting zoo, bird feeding, pontoon boat tour, paddle boats, miniature golf, flying elephant ride, safari maze, water slides, splash water playground, restaurant, gift shops, and the popular giraffe feeding station. Food is available at Lion Country Safari’s main restaurant, Café Roar, as well as refreshment and snack stands throughout the park.

Should you be up for something extra, try one of these unique Premium Experiences. The following is an extra charge but fun to do; Giraffe Painting Experience, “Birds and Brushes” Experience, Toddler Tour: Petting Zoo Experience or the VIP Tour where you are escorted through the drive-through safari with one of the knowledgeable guides to learn about the animals, hear stories, find out about their conservation efforts to save species and get up an close and personal look at the animals. For any of these tours, please call ahead to make reservations in advance of your visit.

So, hop in your car and head over to the “wilds” of Lion Country Safari for the day!