Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum

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Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum

Operated by the nonprofit Loxahatchee River Historical Society, the waterfront lighthouse, museum and grounds exhibits feature over 5,000 years of regional history. Below the restored 1860 Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, a small group of dignitaries and supporters gathered on Thursday, January 27, 2022, to celebrate an historic milestone in the community. The date marked the 50th Anniversary of the Loxahatchee River Historical Society (LRHS) – five decades of historic preservation and educational programming for the local nonprofit. The Historical Society was presented with a Proclamation from Palm Beach County Commissioner Maria Marino of District 1 that afternoon. Palm Beach County Commissioner Marino greeted the audience and enthusiastically read the Proclamation, recognizing the Historical Society for 50 years of accomplishments in preservation of the iconic Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and other historic buildings as well as service to the community. Commissioner Marino then presented the Proclamation to Jamie Stuve, President and CEO, who has been at the helm of the Historical Society since 2002. From the original Oil House Museum in 1973 to the spearheading the 2008 Congressional legislation to create the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area, to safeguard the nationally significant historic site, the LRHS has helped to transform the former military site into a keystone heritage destination for Palm Beach County and the nation.

The Lighthouse’s presence has played a vitally significant maritime and communications role since 1860, saving countless ships from wrecking along reefs and shoals between the Florida coast and the beautiful blue Gulf Stream. So hazardous was this area that Congress authorized the building of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse to guide ships away from it in 1853. So, a climb to the top of the Lighthouse is a must do activity when visiting the area. The views of the Atlantic Ocean flowing into the Jupiter Inlet and then splitting into the Indian and Loxahatchee Rivers to the north and west have been noted as the one of the best views in the county. Northward views command the idyllic Outstanding Natural Area and Indian River. Southern views display Jupiter’s rhythmic maritime community with boats of all shapes and sizes, the scent of outdoor restaurants and strains of tropical music letting you know it’s five o’clock somewhere.

In addition to offering the best view in Palm Beach County, the Lighthouse also offers scenic Sunset & Moonrise lighthouse tours, Twilight Yoga at the Light, Lighthouse Story Time for Kids, periodic Lectures and other programming throughout the year. Not to mention they have various “special events” throughout the years as well with such events as the “Wild & Scenic Film Festival”, “Rendezvous at the Light’, “Family Adventure Day” and “Holiday Night at the Light”. So, check out their site to see when these events happen. (JupiterLighthouse.org)

Planning your trip to the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse? Inside the Museum & Secret Station J and the Tindall Pioneer House learn about the diverse history of the area through series of interactive exhibits chronicling the lives of Native Americans, early pioneers, Lighthouse keepers and much more. Nature lovers should not miss the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area, which features 120 acres of rich Florida wilderness. This has become one of the most popular eco-tourism places in North Palm Beach County. So much so that it has it has gone from one tour day a week to six tour days per week. Amazing!

Take a day and visit the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse to discover our history. Thank you to the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum for the information in this article.