Skate Away

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Skate Away

No clue what to do today? The kids driving you crazy? Have friends over and want to play? Here’s a novel idea…go skating. Yes, that is what I said. Skating! We have both kinds of skating right here in the county – roller-skating and ice-skating.

 Over in Lake Worth, there is a place where you can ice skate. At Palm Beach Skate Zone you can have ice-skate on one of their three rinks. Just off Lake Worth Avenue near the Florida Turnpike, you’ll find the building right off the highway. You will find the options for ice-skating to be regular public skating, where you come (you and your friends) and skate with the general public and skate until your legs give out or rent the rink for a more private event such as a birthday party or a corporate team building exercise. Not a good ice-skater or never tried? Sign up for their ice skating lesson classes. You or your child will learn to ice-skate from former National and Olympic skating coaches in a fun and safe setting. You can even join a hockey class if you are interested. They even have a curling club. So, this weekend grab someone and head out to ice-skate.

 If you are not too sure that ice-skating is your thing then why not try roller-skating? Roller-skating always brings back childhood memories of afternoons skating around and around to the music playing. There are a few local roller rinks where you can get your roller-skate on.

 One local roller rink is Atlantis Skateway in Greenacres. Now in its 44th year, Atlantis Skateway is right off Jog Road. The skating rink is solely for roller-skating and will keep you skating to the music all afternoon and evening. Look on their schedule of events for such things as “Old School Night” filled with 80’s music to skate to and “Adult Skate Night” for the grown-ups to skate and relive their inner child skater fantasies. They also will set up a birthday party for you and your family. Plus they offer lessons to you or your child if you have never skated before.

 Grab your skates (roller or ice) and head out today to spin around the rink. If you’ve never skated, give it try. You don’t know what you’re missing.