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This is where the second definition of “season” falls into play here. Within the months of November to May, one will find “seasons” for the opera, the ballet, the local museums, the area playhouses, the theaters and art galleries. Take some time to explore a few of these venues while you are in town and see what we can offer you. To begin your season, wander through this issue and see some of the events and exhibits highlighted and pay them a visit. What do you have to lose? Better yet, imagine what you can gain.

Should you need any entertaining ideas to round out your visit to Palm Beach County, check out our Calendar of Events in the center of the book. Our Calendar of Events always has something off the beaten path to do this season. What do you have to lose? Take a chance and do something fun off the calendar.

Here’s hoping you having an eventful and safe season here in Palm Beach County! But do come back, Palm Beach County is a destination to enjoy season after season.

William J. (Jeff) Fleet - Publisher/Editor-In-Chief  

Winter/Spring 2016

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Guess what? We’re right now in the middle of “season” for Palm Beach County. What exactly does this mean though? The general consensus is that from November to May that the influx of Northern visitors will hit our area for warmth and escape. To some visitors the area becomes a playground for a few weeks away from the daily grind and for others it becomes a place to call home – a second home, a winter home or whatever home you want to call it. But during these months Palm Beach County is a retreat for the visitor and a time to discover what this area has to offer.

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