It’s not just the weather that makes me love this time of year. I like driving around the county and experience it open up for the season. I see the hurricane shutters being removed from the windows, I see the gardens being trimmed up, I see the car carriers from up North dropping off vehicles and I see the hotels and resorts bustling and setting up for the future visitors. All of this signals the beginning of the season for me. In a way, it seems as if the county has been hibernating all Summer and just coming alive for the year.

In its own way, it’s somewhat miraculous to observe and understand that all of these things help make Palm Beach County so special. People want to come back and enjoy this time of year right here and nowhere else. It’s like a family tradition, enjoy your holidays down in Palm Beach County and escape to this warm part of the world with friends and family. Trust me when I say this, there are very few locations like Palm Beach County during these months filled with such diverse Arts, Dining, Shopping, Golf and Beach activities. And the holidays are truly special with events are too numerous to count.

Should you need any entertaining ideas to round out your visit to Palm Beach County, check out our Calendar of Events in the center of the book. If you would like to see a more detailed event list go to our website and check out our daily calendar of things to do.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful visit and lots of fond memories to take back with you when you leave us. But do come back, Palm Beach County is a destination to enjoy over and over.

William J. (Jeff) Fleet - Publisher/Editor-In-Chief  

Fall/Winter 2015/2016

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I want to say welcome to our visitors and I hope you enjoy your stay with us during this wonderful time of the year. This is the season that welcomes back Northern snowbirds, new guests to the county and friends and family visiting for the holidays. We are in one of my favorite times of the year – Fall and Winter. As much as I am a sun lover, I prefer the cooler months of South Florida. The sun seems a bit more welcoming with a fresh breeze blowing around you.

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